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Custom Glued Laminated Timber in Texas

When you need high-quality custom glued laminated timber in Texas turn to our company. Backed by more than 55 years of experience, R. M. Rodgers, Inc. is a leading provider of structurally aesthetic glulam roof structures. The natural beauty of wood which provides inspirational and creative designs makes laminated timber ideal for worship spaces, using arches, trusses, and other curved members. Structual glulam timber allows architects and structural engineers to enjoy outstanding design freedom.

R. M. Rodgers, Inc. wants to keep you current on the ways the construction industry is using our services, and how we can help you as well. By taking advantage of our services, your clients will enjoy the same outstanding results. You will find that our timber and wood glulam systems offer countless design possibilities, and our team of experts can even help you achieve them. We also offer helpful information regarding structural laminated glulam timber roof systems, as well as Lock-Deck laminated wood decking.

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Benefits of Laminated Timber Systems

When it comes to versatility, strength, and durability, custom glued laminated timber is an ideal choice for virtually any structure you’re building. In addition to its strength, it’s also a beautiful material to use in buildings that could benefit from a warm, welcoming atmosphere—such as churches, schools, offices, natatoriums, recreational pavilions, and many more.  A big benefit is the use of the heavy timber/ glulam structure as part of the aesthetic design and offers many benefits including:

• Attractive Appearance – Glulam offers the warmth and traditional style of natural timber but the strength and flexibility you need to create a safe, long-lasting structure. Glulam is often used in churches and building designs that utilize curved tresses or beams, such as those used in domed ceilings.
• Strength to Weight Ratio – For its weight, glulam is an incredibly strong material. This makes it incredibly easy to work with and manipulate while also providing a strong and safe basis for the rest of your building. Whether you’re building a loft, balcony, or other structure, laminated timber is an ideal choice.
• Long-Lasting Durability – The durability of glulam depends on the species of timber and type of glue and laminate used. However, no matter what type you choose, you’re sure to get a long-lasting product that requires minimal maintenance. Glulam systems are often used in indoor swimming areas because laminated timber can stand up to the humidity and strong chlorine fumes in the area.
• Fire Resistance – Although you wouldn’t think that timber would be a good material to use to prevent fire, it’s actually very beneficial. Because timber chars at a well-known rate and doesn’t buckle or collapse like metal, glulam is a great choice for any building. There are many protective finishes available as well to increase the fire resistance of your glulam system.

Skilled Contractors Handling Your Needs

When you’re ready to discuss your needs, we look forward to helping you. We’ll help you decide precisely what type of laminated timber design you need for your construction project.  

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